Jazz Cafe Tee & Promotional Designs

I am a former marching band nerd and a jazz omnivore. Some of my favorite design inspirations are the great album covers from Blue Note, Prestige, and Verve. Therefore, it is a supreme joy to work with my former Jazz Band director, dear friend, and mentor to design the promotional material and tee shirts for his bands' end-of-year jazz concert. The theme for each year is worked into his curriculum, and the tee shirt and posters become a great memento for his band members and visiting bands. 

2015 Design:Body & Soul

2014 Design: Inner Voices

2016 Design: Higher Ground

An early concept (mountains) turned into a simple cut-out design (inspired by Blue Note & Saul Bass), that I layered with photos I took that featured Jazz Band seniors. This was the first year I worked incorporate students into the design.

2017 Design: Now's the Time

I worked to incorporate student's birthdates turned into a time on a clock's hands, then their own handwriting. I wasn't pleased. I then went bold with a dynamic-looking alarm clock design with hand-written type.

Final Design:

Concept work:

2018 Design: No Doubt!

Design concepts evolved from Soviet-era propaganda to a exclamation-centric logo to a nutso look the students really liked.

Final Poster & Tee Design:

Concept Work: